Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer credit?
As much as we'd like to help you finance your vehicle maintenance, credit services are not our milieu. We concentrate our efforts on what we do best, automotive service. We do accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

Can I wait on my repair?
On very small maintenance services such as an oil change, you may find it practical to wait.

It is recommended that if you are leaving your vehicle for diagnosis or major repair, it is better to arrange for alternative transportation. There are many variables that determine the length of time necessary for any procedure. While we can not predict, we can guestimate. It is always best to ask if there is a any question.

May I watch you fix my car?

May I have my old parts back?
In most cases this is not a problem. Sometimes there is a core charge on remanufactured parts. In that event, we release the part with payment of the core charge. You do have the option of reviewing the part, but leaving it with us. That way, you may see the part that was replaced and its condition, yet not have to pay an additional charge.

Do you do body work?
No, we only do mechanical/electrical repairs and maintenance.

On what makes of vehicles do you work?
We repair and service most American and Asian vehicles.

Do you offer alternative transportation?

At this time we do not.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. You can contact us here to set up an appointment.

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