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Robin Rogers - a Houston, Texas based singer performer.

Pamala Stanley - There are really no words to describe the phenomenon that is Pamala Stanley. With a voice that can encompass the most intimate whisper and the soaring "bel canto" that is surely her trademark, she does it all. And she is Robin's sister.

Mustang World - The Cool Website for Late Model Ford Mustang Enthusiasts.

Classic Rock - Welcome To Classic Rock Revisited.

Classic Cars - The most comprehensive Classic Car & Collector Classic Car resources available to hobbyist and enthusiasts. ClassicCar.com is Where Car Lovers Click.

Classic Mustangs
- This site is dedicated to the Classic Mustangs from 1964½ through 1973. These early Mustangs spawned a new generation of American automobiles that would come to be known as pony cars.

Texas Driving Tours
- The name says it all.